• Grass Fed Beef Tendon Chews

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  • Description

    Dehydrated Beef Tendon Chews
    No preservatives, no additives and no coloring added!
    Beef is rich in high quality protein, natural vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleum acid as a defender against cancer!
    Beef Tendon acts as a good chew toy for heavy chewers, chewing keeps their teeth clean and their minds occupied. Definitely a better choice than Nylon made chew bones! It's always best to choose the natural way!
    Dehydrated raw treats are more nutritious than commercial dog treats, cooked treats or baked dog cookies as dehydration uses gentle heat to remove moisture from the food, most natural nutrients, vitamins and mineral content is retained! The dehydrator has to work 12 hours to complete the dehydration process for every batch of treats!
    What makes our dehydrated treats different from others?
    1. We are the first to introduce dehydrated raw organic treats that are coated with Manuka Honey and unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar. With the primary aim to restore wellness in dogs, we do our best to ensure our treats provides as much benefits to all fur-balls as possible.
    2. Our dehydrators are imported from the United States and our trays are BPA safe!
    3. Our treats are made fresh with every order! We do not keep stocks in our fridges!
    4. We choose top quality human grade ingredients for our dehydrated treats! We try to go all natural and organic! Organic pumpkins, organic beef, organic apple cider vinegar!
    5. We are constantly improving by attending courses in Taiwan for proper handling and making of dehydrated treats. We hope to introduce more variety in the near future!
    Purchase yours now!
    Only SGD$14.90 per pack (80g)
    OR SGD$27.90 per pack (150g)
    Please keep our dehydrated treats refrigerated for longer freshness!
    If you'll like to have your treats made without ACV or Manuka Honey, please leave us a note when checking out from your e-shopping cart.
    We advise owners to understand their pet's dietary needs and food allergies before purchasing the most suitable treats. Kindly consult your vet in times of doubt.
    All treats should be fed in moderation.

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