• Home-Made Dehydrated Raw Meat Treats

    Coated with unpasturized Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Manuka Honey
    • Organic Grass Fed Tenderloin Jerkies (Beef)
    • Anti-biotic free and Hormones Free Chicken Breast Jerkies
    • Chicken Liver
    • Silver Fish
    Our dehydrated treats are specially coated with Unpasteurized Organic Apple cider vinegar and Manuka Honey! 
    "Apple cider vinegar provides vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, P 
    and Pro-vitamin Beta Carotene and they act as an anti-bacterial, 
    anti-fungal formula for our furballs. Manuka honey acts as
     a supplement for beautiful, smooth and shiny coat. "

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    These home-made dehydrated treats are ALL-NATURAL HOLISTIC and 100% ORGANIC, made without any preservatives, fillers, salt, sugar, enhancers or artificial colourings. 

    We ensure our treats are dehydrated fresh with every order, hence we require at least 24hours to prepare and process your orders. Dehydration removes all water content and leaves behind a tasty treat packed with high protein content. It takes about 2kg of meat to produce 400grams of dehydrated treats, hence ensuring that each treat you feed your furballs with are concentrated with high protein content.
    It will leave them begging for more, we promise!
    What makes our dehydrated treats different from others?

    1. Our treats are Organic and all natural! 
    2. We coat our treats with Unpasteurized Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Manuka Honey! Every bite is filled with natural goodness for your pet's wellbeing
    3. We are using certified safe dehydrators, the Rommelsbacher DA750 Dörrautomat (Product of Germany) and the Excalibur (Product of USA). We are not using Brand-less dehydrators from China to ensure that no harmful compounds land into our treats
    4. Our treats are made fresh with every order :)
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