• Commercial Treats, Yes or No?

    Made a trip to the local pet store hoping to see what is new and hot in the market now, but we were unknowingly attracted to the shelf of beautifully packed dog treats that we spent more than 30mins looking at the vast variety and brands! 
    Fish, Chicken, Beef, Venison, Lamb, Turkey, Cheese, Milk, Peppermint, Tomato, Spinach, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato blah blah blah. 
    Made in Japan, Made in USA, Made in China, Made in Thailand..
    All looks good and professional from the packaging! Best for your pets, healthy treats, packed with goodness in every bite, but little do we know what is exactly added into the little treats!
    Additives, Flavorings, Colorings, Seasoning, Preservatives.. whats more! We realized that SALT is added into most of the commercial treats we could find off the shelf.
    See to believe..
    There might be some brands that you recognize too! We're also guilty of feeding them to our dogs before we started raw feeding and making our own dehydrated raw treats!



    Do we really know what we are feeding our furballs with?

    Have we really spent time reading the ingredient labels before feeding them these treats?


    By stating this, we are not saying that dogs do not need salt. Sodium is an essential mineral in every dog's diet, it maintains the balance of fluid in them and also conduct nerve impulse generation and transmission. However, their daily requirement of sodium is already included in their daily diet (kibbles, wet food etc), hence do they really need the extra sodium intake from their treats? Do we know how much salt is included in the treats that we give to our dogs?


    Excessive salt intake causes dogs to be extremely thirsty and as a result, our dogs would be drinking more than required to accommodate to his or her thirst, leading to more urination as their body struggles to process the excessive intake of salt. Their circulatory system and kidneys would become strained, causing possible vomit, diarrhea or even seizures (symptoms of sodium poisoning).


    Most of our dogs do not go through sodium poisoning or even display symptoms of it, however, more than required salt content in their daily feeds would damage their kidneys in the long run. We have met so many furballs at the vet who were there for regular dialysis due to kidney failure (result of excessive treat feeding), this happens because we love our pets too much and we feed them treats to make them happy and contented. But little do we know about the content that is added into each treat by the manufacturers.


    I would say that I particularly like the 100% real meat treats that is available off the shelf too! Brands like k9 natural, carnivore dog treats blah blah blah.. no additives, no seasoning. Just the meat as it is! Although these treats are slightly costlier, it reduces the risk of our pets falling ill and hence reduce amount of $$ that goes to the vet! Yayyyy!


    That is also why I choose to make my own dehydrated treats because I'd only add what I want to add into the treats! No weird stuffs! 100% natural, goodness of the meat as it is! 


    Feed you pets proper food and keep them healthy!

    Home made and 100% natural dehydrated raw organic treats are available also on tenpawssg and many other online sellers in Singapore!

    To purchase from us:


    With love, 


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