• Fido needs Clothes!!!

    As the title of this post has suggested, Fido needs clothes!!



    Just as human put on clothes to protect ourselves against external elements, our furballs are not excluded! Instead of just keeping your furball stylish and fashionable, dog clothes are actually more beneficial than they may seem.


    Before we start, I'll like to emphasize that our dogs pants and release heat through their paws and ears, hence, light protective clothings like a cotton singlet will help to prevent him from potential sunburn, rather than making him hotter, which is a misconception that many owners have.


    Personally, I have observed how Kaven and Kayla reacts towards different external elements, for instance, in the monsoon seasons where rain was a daily affair and temperature was fairly lower than usual, the two little furballs are always cuddling in their warm bed or snuggling in the thick quilts to seek warmth. Similarly, under hot summer sun, Kaven and Kayla are often rushing to look for shady areas and avoiding the hot sun. This is because the heat will become hotter under their thick fur coat, strong and direct sun exposure will result in higher chances of potential sunburn. Hence, it is my habit to give them a thin singlet when we are out in the strong sun.


    Clothes protects your furballs against external elements, reducing the need for them to battle the extremes of weathers on their own. 



    However, there is more to clothing than just protection from extreme weathers.


    Clothings can keep your furballs protected against mosquitos and insect bites, ticks and fleas. Clothings protect furballs against dirt, dust, mud, soil and many other undesirable compounds that might stick on your furball's coat when you are out for walks. 

    Hence.... start shopping on tenpawssg now!! Grab your fido a protective singlet :)


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